EDUCATION: Disaster and Decline Under Lockdown

by EditorCCforNM

School Closures Have Been Disastrous for New Mexico’s Children!   The irreparable damage is unprecedented with unforeseen future impact.  This has been likely one of the most egregious crimes perpetrated on children in America’s history.

Students are predicted to lose up to a year of learning due to Lockdown Mandates and School Closures.

Governor Lujan-Grisham’s mandates to shut schools has resulted in frustration for Students and Teachers alike. There are internet problems- Lack of access to internet for many NM families-Problems with working parents who cannot oversee online learning- A high population of students who need in-person instruction – Students deprived of social interaction developing anxiety and depression. This article explains many of the failures of online learning:

Here in New Mexico, Rep. Derrick Lente -D- Sandia Pueblo states: “…Distance learning will lay bare the state’s urban-rural divide…For a lot of our kids, Learning will End.” Rep. Bill Soules-D- Las Cruces says: “Distance learning…is incredibly ineffective…for students who need a teacher there to guide them.”

Shutdowns are having Devastating Effects on Children’s Mental Health:

This article from the ABQ Journal states the extreme severity of destruction that school closures have caused.

As “Reopening” begins (Feb. 8, ’21) with Pilot Programs and Hybrid Models.  We ask WHY?  In August, ’20- when the governor ordered school closures,  one rural NM town had 114 New Cases.  As of Feb. 3, this same town had 670 New Cases. (Sourced NY Times)  HOW could it be Unsafe in Aug. and Safe in Feb.??

New Mexico’s Leaders are Failing Our Children!  An article from the Las Cruces Sun states, “This year, New Mexico fell to 50th in the family and community domain, dropping from 49th. The state ranked the same this year as last in the other three domains: education (50th), economic security (49th) and health (48th).”

Inconsistent and Illogical best describe the governor’s actions taken during lockdown…and primarily so when it comes to our most precious resource:  Our Children!


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